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Laura Radwell


I love color, texture, and form, which leads me to work in a variety of media. Currently I am painting abstract landscapes which are becoming increasingly abstract with fewer direct references to the actual landscape. The work derives from outer perception and emotions. My digital (photographic) abstract work is inspired by a myriad of details often overlooked like peeling paint, crumbling cement, rust, and scrap metal. The photographs become the palette, the “pigments” I work with to create new images. Through a process of Isolation, deconstruction and reconstruction, transformation occurs and habitual perception is altered. Colors, surfaces, lines, intersections in nature and in the built environment morph. Common to both the paintings and the digital abstracts is the creation of something imagined out of something real, which invites reflection on the in-between and sometimes unseen elements of our world.

Founder, Radwell Communication by Design, 1986-present Partner, Clarity, 2013-2015 Artist (full time!) since 2016