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Kathleen Jacobs

Itís fair to say that my paintings contain layered meaning. Minimally, my paintings are a reaction to the Western culture of my timeómy rejection of our societyís penchant for excess and indifference that threatens our planetís ecosystems. I do not paint pictures of polluted rivers or littered fields. My work represents my own attempts in these chaotic times to reconnect and decipher the natural world, and to come to grips with the exigencies of todayís stark environmental situation. Violence and destruction exist in nature, yet when I paint, I choose to ignore these traits. In natureís predictable rhythmic patterns, I see the sublime. To me, nature represents the ultimate example of gracious acceptance of change, even death; winterís repose inevitably yields to springís rebirth. For these reasons, my paintings at least, are simplified, idealized attempts that speak to natureís persistence, vulnerability and beauty, which I paint if for no other reason than this: within the natural world exists the promise of rejuvenation.

Kathleen Jacobs received a BFA in painting and art history from the University of Massachusetts and her MFA in Visual Arts/Painting from the Art Institute of Boston/Lesley University.

Full scholarship from the University of MA to attend and an Art Fund Scholarship to study in France. Her work is included in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and abroad.