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Nancy Natale


Color, geometry, and juxtaposition are my three guiding considerations in making paintings. Dividing up the field into large or small sections, jostling the grid, and setting one thing against another are options that give me a method of seeing and making. Contrast is what I am after. Whether I bring together pieces to synthesize an amalgamation or divide one section from another on a plane, I am always contrasting. I want to see the colors more clearly and realize a new whole.

I was born in Boston and lived in that area for most of my life (so far). In 2000, my partner, Bonnie Caldwell, and I decided to try life in the country. We lived for more than five years on 20 acres in the remote hilltown of Ashfield, MA. In June 2006, we decided to return to civilization, settling in Easthampton along with our two yellow Labs and four cats, all having passed over the rainbow bridge now. For 9 years I had a studio at Eastworks but relocated to a space at home a couple of years ago. •My art education was delayed by a 15-year career in the administrative end of the chemical import/export business. After leaving that field, I attended Massachusetts College of Art, majoring in painting and being awarded a B.F.A. with honors in 1988. I also hold a B.A. in English literature from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. For several years I combined writing with art-making to create unique artist’s books that traveled in exhibitions to museum venues across the country. I have worked with many mediums and currently work in acrylic and/or make constructed paintings with found and invented elements. My website:

•Major grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation 1995 •Several grants from the MCC through the Somerville Arts Council and from the LEF Foundation to organize and curate two community-based shows on topics combining history of place with contemporary culture. I have also worked with the Somerville (Mass.) Arts Council as consultant and project manager and organized several shows at the Somerville Museum.•Currently I am represented by Arden Gallery in Boston plus art consultants in other areas. My work is substantially represented in the collections of Fidelity Investments and Manulife Financial and included in those of other national corporations, hotels and individual collectors.